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Kahr Arms

Innovation, Creativity, and Precision

History of Kahr Arms

Kahr Arms was founded by Justin Moon when he found that he was disappointed by the selection of small calibers available in compact handguns. Because he couldn’t find a compact 9mm handgun to satisfy his needs, he decided to make one. This innovative firearms manufacturer uses 15 years of manufacturing service in precision metalwork. They incorporate inherited professional, technical expertise into all of their operations.

In 1981, the parent company for Kahr was established and has been a leading supplier of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools and applications engineering. Around 1986, the company expanded forming a manufacturing division, which provides quality contract machining, manufacturing, and assembly services for diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical equipment, and more.

Flash forward to 1999 and Kahr Arms bought Auto-Ordnance Company. Today they continue to produce Auto-Ordnance’s line of semi-automatic weapons, including a long-barreled rifle version of the famous “Tommy Gun”. In 2010, Kahr bought Magnum Research, the company that manufactures the legendary Desert Eagle. Now, Kahr Arms trademarks include Kahr Arms, Thompson, Auto-Ordnance, Magnum Research, BFR, and Desert Eagle.

Kahr Arms is the definition of quality, dependable, and trustworthy firearms. They revolutionized the concealed carry industry with their CW, P, and PM line of firearms. We love everything that comes out of Kahr Arms and we know you do too!

Kahr Arms Guns For Sale

Whether you’re looking for a Thompson rifle or a concealed carry 9mm handgun for sale, GrabAGun has you covered. Shop our selection of Kahr Arms handguns for sale, 1911 deals, rifles for sale, and magazine deals!

Kahr Arms CW/CM Series

The Kahr CS series has the combination of features that make it one of the best handguns for sale for concealed carry. Each firearm has the ideal combination of stopping power and shooting comfort. For example, the CW380. Featuring everything you know about Kahr firearms in a compact frame, this handgun packs a powerful punch. It’s smaller, thinner, and lighter than most competitive brands on the market. The natural point of aim and low recoil make them ideal for daily carry, especially thanks to the 2.58-inch barrel and 4.96-overall length. It also sports a steel slide, polymer frame, and fixed sights. For a 380 handgun for sale, check out GrabAGun’s online deals today!


If you like the concept of a compact firearm, but want the reliability of 9mm ammo, then the Kahr Arms CM9 is for you. This has the external dimensions you want for concealed carry–a 3-inch barrel with an overall length of 5.24-inches, a height of 4-inches, and a weight of 15.9-ounces. Despite its size, the CM9 is one of the most reliable 9mm handguns on the market. It features a conventional-rifled barrel, a metal-injection-molded slide stop lever, and a .90-inch wide matte stainless steel slide. Like other similar items, the Kahr Arms CM9 Standard Stainless 9mm 3” Barrel 6-Rounds sports a polymer frame with 4140 steel inserts molded into the frame in the front and back for added rigidity and strength. This particular handgun comes equipped with a “safe-cam action”. What that means is, the cocking cam trigger system employs a patented cam to both unlock the firing pin block (passive safety) and complete the cocking and release of the firing pin. Additional features include a smooth DA trigger, drift-adjustable rear sights, and pinned-in polymer front white sights that feature a white bar-dot configuration.


What’s so great about the Kahr Arms CM45? It’s everything you love about the C Series chambered in .45 ACP. This double-action-only handgun performs with unmatched quality thanks to Kahr’s seven patents. One patent covers the “safe-cam action” seen on many popular Kahr firearms for sale. Did you know that many lower-cost compact semi-autos on the market today don’t actually have firing pin blocks in their design? Kahr is one of the few brands to do this and it’s what sets them apart from the rest. What helps further that distance are the two patents covering the offset recoil lug and the trigger bar attachment. These allow Kahr’s barrel to fit lower in the frame and since there is no hammer, the shooters’ hand is further up the grip. The result is less felt recoil and faster follow-up shots. For value prices on a 45 handgun, like the CM45, check out GrabAGun today!

Kahr Arms CT Series

Kahr Arms provides options, that’s for sure. If the sub-compact firearm isn’t your speed, then why not consider the CT380? Featuring a 3-inch barrel, and an overall length of 5.52-inches, you’ll have the perfect EDC handgun. Like all Kahr firearms, the CT380 is designed with a polymer frame as well as 4140 steel inserts molded into the front/back of the frame. What sets this apart from something else in their lineup? Well, the CT380 features a lock breech, modified Browning type recoil. It also features the same “safe cam action” and offset recoil lug barrel design found on all Kahr pistols. Don’t forget about the drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sights and pinned-in polymer front sights as well. The final result is a compact 380 handgun with very little felt recoil and quick follow-up shots.


And, of course, when you need a full-sized 9mm handgun, the CT9 is one of the best options out there. With Kahr’s proven manufacturing, this pistol proves that you can get the best 9mm handgun at a value price point without compromising on quality. The polymer frame is sturdy and durable with textured grips for comfort and control. The black frame is offset by a matte stainless steel slide. It features a 4-inch barrel, white bar-dot rear sights, and fixed front sights. The Kahr Arms CT9 Stainless / Black 9mm 4-Inch 8Rd is an industry-leading slim, lightweight, and clean single-stack design, perfect for EDC or home defense. Get the best 9mm handgun, at the best price, only from GrabAGun.

Kahr Arms P/PM Series

Of all the firearms in Kahr’s lineup, the best 9mm handgun for concealed carry or as a backup weapon would have to be P Series. Any P Series handgun is specifically designed with these purposes in mind. Take the Kahr Arms PM9 Micro 9mm 3 Inch 6Rd POL MBK Night Sights for example. This pistol is described as an incredibly lightweight pistol, perfect for everyday carry–and rightly so. The PM9 features a 3-inch barrel, an overall length of 5.42-inches, and a .40-inch height. The 416 series stainless steel slide is only .90-inches wide and comes equipped with an ultra-tough slide lever stop. This particular model comes with Lothar Walther match grade polygonal rifling as well as Tritium night sights. Oh, and of course, aggressively textured polymer grips for a steady and secure grip. For the best 9mm handgun for sale, GrabAGun is the only name to trust.

Kahr Arms 1911
The Classic 1911

The 1911 is one of the most iconic firearm designs on the market and you can get one through Kahr Arms. The Auto-Ordnance 1911A1 Black .45ACP 5-Inch 7Rd is one of the best examples of the brand. Its design incorporates GI specs while featuring a stunning all-black matte frame, slide, and barrel. You’ll find the carbon steel slide, sear, and disconnector are machined from solid bar stock. Those pieces are then heat-treated properly to ensure durability and longevity through countless rounds. Low-profile sights feature a blade front sight with rear drift adjustable sights for incredible target acquisition. With beautiful wood grips, you can get a 1911 handgun for sale, at a great price, at GrabAGun today!


To honor important historical events and those that have served our country well, Kahr Arms have manufactured several 1911 handguns to do just that. Each has been made with incredible attention to detail and precision. There’s the 1911 Iwo Jima .45ACP that beautifully depicts a tribute to those that fought in the battle. With an OD green and Cerakote copper finish, it’s one that deserves to be displayed at all times. A favorite among GrabAGun customers is the Kahr Arms 1911 Revolution .45 ACP 5” Barrel 7-Rounds Founding Father Edition. This features detailed, custom engravings of the “Betsy Ross” American Flag, the Founding Father’s signatures, and a remarkable midnight blue finish.

Kahr Arms Semi-Auto Rifles

Kahr Arms don’t just produce powerful handguns, they also manufacture some of the best semi-automatic rifles in the industry. The 1927A-1 Deluxe exhibits all the classic features of the time-honored original, just in an updated design. The frame and receiver are machined from solid steel or aluminum while the stock is pure American walnut. It has a 16.5-inch finned barrel, a compensator, and is available with a blued steel receiver or a lighter-weight aluminum receiver. Of all the models out there, the Auto-Ordnance 1927A-1 Deluxe Walnut .45 ACP 16.5” Barrel 100 Rounds is by far the most popular. Find a semi-automatic rifle for sale at GrabAGun today! We are the premier online firearms company with prices you can trust.

Kahr Arms Magazines & Accessories

Having multiple magazines on hand is never a bad idea. You’ll be better prepared for close-combat situations or just reduce your time reloading at the range. While there are many aftermarket brands that are of good quality and affordability, nothing beats a good OEM magazine. Take, for example, the Kahr Arms Magazine CM9 PM9 9mm 7Rd Stainless with Extension. This 7-round magazine is chambered for 9mm, fits several models of Kahr Arms handguns for sale, and is designed with durable stainless steel. Plus, it has an extended base to provide a better grip for those with larger hands. To ensure longer fun at the range with your rifle, grab a few of the Thompson M1 Black .30Carbine 30Rd Magazine. Made with a durable steel frame, it’s chambered in .30 Carbine and comes in a nice black finish. These are perfect for your M1 carbine. And last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget about your daily concealed carry. Never be without a necessary round with the Kahr Arms Magazine P380 .380ACP. 6-rounds chambered in .380ACP in a never-fail stainless steel frame. For all your magazine deals and needs, GrabAGun is the only name to rely on.

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