Kahr Arms

The idea that was to become Kahr Arms began to take shape when founder Justin Moon, then 18, was in the market for an ultra-compact 9mm pistol that was easy to carry for personal defense but also had the high quality and durability of a larger caliber pistol. When he discovered that no such gun existed, Moon decided to make his own, and the rest was history.

Kahr Arms History

In 1995, Kahr began producing the K9, whose impeccable quality and reliability made it an instant favorite among civilian users, who needed a lightweight pistol for concealed carry, and law enforcement, who needed a compact yet powerful gun for off-duty carry and backup applications.

Having created a compact pistol capable of competing with the likes of the Walther PPK and Sig Sauer P230, Kahr soon expanded its line to include the P9 and the P40 pistols, whose lightweight yet durable design continued Kahr’s success in the compact pistol market.

In 2010, Kahr acquired Magnum Research, the producer of the Desert Eagle, solidifying Kahr Arms’ reputation as a leader in the production of high quality firearms, and GrabAGun is proud to carry a generous selection of Kahr guns and accessories.