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History of Hornady

A small family company started by a man with a vision, Hornady has been committed to making the best reloadable rounds since 1949. The first ever Hornady bullet was a .30 caliber, 150-grain spire point, and it has remained one of the most popular options sold. Long before ‘quality control’ was a thing, J.W. Hornady captured his ideal with one phrase: “ten bullets in the same hole.” This is a maxim they continue to live up to. They pushed for innovation in reloadable round design with the help of user feedback from their strong sport shooter base. The Hornady vision lives on to this day, bringing you the finest rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition available.

Hornady Ammunition for Sale
Handgun and Pistol Ammo

Not just any ammo will do when the situation is dire. That’s why Hornady offers the Critical Defense series. Manufactured with nickel-plated casing for better visibility in low light, low flash propellants that won’t disrupt night vision, and a patented FlexTip that easily expands and prevents clogging when passing through surfaces. Designed with the consumer in mind, you’ll find this ammunition is the epitome of threat-stopping power, accessibility, and affordability. They’re available for rifles, handguns, and even shotguns. Customer favorites at GrabAGun include the .380ACP 90GR Flex Tip and the 9mm Flex Tip Expanding 155 Gr.

For those that prefer to carry a handgun as their personal protection, the Hornady Critical Duty series is for you. Designed with two revolutionary features including a FlexTip that prevents clogging and a heavy duty jacket-to-core InterLock band, you’ll find this ammunition provides superior barrier penetration with terminal performance. Additionally, with a lead core and nickel plated crimped cases that allow for chamber checks in reduced light, this is a choice far above the rest. At GrabAGun, people love the Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135 gr. FlexLock rounds. With a power at 369 ft. lbs and a speed of 1110fps, it’s not hard to understand the appeal. A box of this legendary gun ammunition is a must for defenders of any kind.

Rifle Ammo

The Hornady BLACK series combines the high standards of versatility and performance. Whether your needs are hunting, sport, match, or personal defense, this ammunition features high quality cases, primer propellants, versatile bullet options, and an optimized performance for various platforms. Top Hornady BLACK ammo boxes bought from GrabAGun include 123 Gr. ELD-Match Brass 6.5 Grendel and Subsonic 190Gr SUB-X Brass .300AAC Blackout. Either can be best utilized in hunting and target situations due to its increased power, 1818 ft/lb, and speed, 2580 fps. For self-defense, the Subsonic .300AAC Blackout brass is perfect. Featuring the SUB-X hollow point and flex tip for terminal expansion, it’s no wonder Hornady BLACK is the ammunition of choice for so many Americans.

Match™ is the box you reach for when accuracy is your first and only priority. Every cartridge is loaded with either the Hornady A-MAX® bullets, high-performance boat-tail hollow points, or the highly superior ELD® Match Bullets. GrabAGun customers choose the ELD-match 140 Gr. Brass 6.5 Creedmoor repeatedly. This ammunition features a HeatShield Tip, which creates the perfect meplat and even outperforms BTHP bullets. Additionally, all cases and powders are selected with the utmost care for quality, consistent, reliable performance every time. With a power of 2283 ft/lb and a speed of 2710 fps, Hornady Match is the key to coming out on top in every shooting competition.

Hunting and Rifle Ammo

A versatile, reliable, and trusted line of ammunition can be found in the Frontier line with Hornady. This rifle ammo is perfect for plinking, target shooting, hunting, law enforcement training, and even self-defense. Available in a variety of calibers, we know you’ll find a box that fits your needs. At GrabAGun, the Frontier Cartridge Rifle Ammo Brass 5.56 55 Grain FMJ is a fan-favorite and for good reason. Featuring brass cartridge cases as well as military-grade boxer primers and propellants, with a power of 1282 ft. lbs and a speed of 3240 fps, this ammunition is ideal for a number of uses. Get your ammunition online from GrabAGun today.

For certain hunts and competitions, the regular box just won’t do. When you need a box for ammo that will provide trusted consistency and terminal performance with every single shot, there’s Hornady Custom™. True to its name, Hornady’s custom rifle rounds come in a variety of calibers and feature InterBond, FTX, InterLock, V-MAX, SST, and GMX bullets while pistol rounds are built with FMJ-RN, XTP, FTX, FP (flat point)-XTP bullets, and XTP Mag bullets. Many Custom™ ammo models are designed with the secant ogive shape for an optimal blend of ballistic efficiency and bearing surface, resulting in flatter shots and less drag. For GrabAGun buyers, the .300 Blackout 135 Gr. FTX cartridges are what they repeatedly come back to, thanks to the superior balance of expansion and penetration and the fact it’s great for medium to large game. Get the best deals on ammunition for sale through GrabAGun today.

The Precision Hunter series is on the cutting edge of hunting ammunition design. Designed for terminal performance, this ammunition features a Heat Shield tip that maintains its shape against aerodynamics, streamlined secant ogive with a boattail bottom, and concentric AMP jackets. They also feature 85-90% retained weight for maximum impact and a mushroom effect on impact. Our Hornady enthusiasts favor the Precision Hunter Brass 143Gr ELD-X Brass 6.5 Creedmoor for medium to large game. These cartridges feature a power of 2314 ft. lbs and a speed of 2700 fps for terminal performance. Affordable online ammo can easily be found at GrabAGun.

American Whitetail rounds will give you the performance you need to take on open season. This ammunition features pioneering secant ogive, an exclusive InterLock ring as well as InterLock bullets, which have an exposed tip for controlled expansion and terminal performance. Additionally, each cartridge is powder matched to each load and features high quality cases and primers. It’s no surprise why American Whitetail is such a popular choice. Here at GrabAGun, we offer American Whitetail ammo for the best price online. Among our customers’ top choices are the American Whitetail .308 Win. 150 Gr. SP and the American Whitetail .243 Win. 100Gr SP.

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