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Hi-Point Firearms

Home of the working man’s gun

History of Hi-Point Firearms

Tom Deeb created Hi-Point Firearms with the working class in mind—dedicated, diligent shooters who needed a firearm manufacturer on which they could rely. Hi-Point Firearms is indeed the home of “the working man’s gun,” and they demonstrate a resolute commitment to building tough and affordable guns with lifetime warranties. As a family-owned and operated facility, they recognize the importance of quality control, affordability, and a lifetime promise.

All Hi-Point Firearms are semi-automatic, +P rated, and use a simple blowback method of operation. Hi-Point Firearms delivers customers the American promise of hard work, reliability, and consistency. Every gun they manufacture is one you can proudly trust and carry.

Hi-Point Firearms Guns for Sale

Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of Hi-Point Firearms guns and accessories, including its trusted line of small handguns, carbines, magazines, and accessories, including:

Hi-Point Firearms Best Handguns for Sale

The Model C9 was the first gun model manufactured by Hi-Point Firearms—the 9mm handgun that started it all. It’s built to last a lifetime with a high-impact polymer frame, impeccable balance, and flawless performance. Featuring 3-dot fully adjustable sights, a quick on-off thumb safety, and a durable, attractive easy-grip finish, the Model C9 is an affordable straight-shooter you’ll be glad to have on hand.

When it comes to protecting your home, you can’t settle for anything less than power, accuracy, and perfection. That's why we trust the Model JHP 45. This hard-hitting pistol is a rugged, no-frills firearm with dependability for days. GrabAGun customers love the Hi-Point Firearms Standard Pistol .45 ACP 4.5-Inch 9Rds for its small accessory rail, exceptional recoil control, and high-impact grips. It’s also rated to handle +P ammo for ultimate muzzle velocity and stopping power. Get the best handgun for home defense from GrabAGun today with the lowest gun prices online.

Everything about the Model CF 380 screams durability. This 380 handgun embraces a unique, affordable design with a traditional blowback system to deliver simplicity and ease of use. The Model CF 380 gets its strength from the zinc-alloy cast slides and integrated steel inserts. It also includes high-impact, textured polymer grips and a 3-dot, rear-adjustable sight system for the ultimate shooting experience. Built for longevity and serious endurance, Hi-Point Firearms Model CF 380 is the perfect reliable, functioning firearm to add to your collection.

Hi-Point Firearms Carbines

If you’re looking for a carbine that will excel both in hunting and personal protection, then look no further than the Model 1095 from Hi-Point Firearms. This gun is chambered in 10mm, which excels in field usage and defensive duties. This high-powered carbine is also equipped with an all-weather, polymer skeletonized stock, fully adjustable sights, and a raised soft rubber cheek piece. For the best gun prices online, get the 1095TS Carbine Black 10mm 17.5-Inch 10Rds from GrabAGun!

The Model 4595 carbine delivers unprecedented reliability in a resilient, rugged design. With minimum recoil and intense knock-down power, the 4595 is a dependable, affordable, all-weather firearm. Features of the 4595TS Carbine .45ACP 17.5” Barrel 9-Rounds Adjustable Sights include an internal recoil buffer in the stock, manual thumb safety, and Picatinny rails. Don’t settle for less when you can get your own Model 4595 for the best gun deals online from GrabAGun today!

Featuring low recoil, a readily available cartridge, and heightened accuracy is Hi-Point Firearms Model 995. This carbine is the perfect inexpensive recreational firearm, making plinking affordable and fun. The Model 995 doesn’t sacrifice quality for price, though. In fact, it includes above-standard features, such as an all-weather polymer skeletonized stock, trigger lock, sling, swivels, and fully adjustable rear peep and post front sights.

Hi-Point Firearms Magazines and Accessories

Don’t go without when it comes to upgrading your firearm’s magazines and accessories. Hi-Point Firearms has the perfect OEM accessories to make your gun truly personal and powerful. Take, for instance, GrabAGun’s Hi-Point OEM Gun Pistol Magazine .40 Cal S&W 10 Rounds rifle magazine with a heavy-duty polymer construction and attractive blued finish. There’s also our Hi-Point Firearms Redball Sports Magazine Black 9mm 20Rd, which will not only keep you in the game longer but also feed flawlessly. All of these OEM magazines and accessories can be found for the best gun deals online at GrabAGun!

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