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Heckler and Koch

Determined to bring you the world’s most premier firearms

History of Heckler and Koch

Founded in Germany in 1949, Heckler and Koch is renowned for its hugely popular firearms collections. They truly live up to their motto “No Compromises!” in their commitment to constantly improve their reliable handgun and rifle designs. H&K is widely trusted by law enforcement and governments around the world, providing firearms for many counter-terrorist military and paramilitary units, including the SAS, KMar, the US Navy SEALs, Delta Force, HRT, Canada's Joint Task Force 2, the German KSK and GSG 9. With a demonstrated history of innovation and integrity, Heckler and Koch is a brand you can always trust.

HK Guns Online for Sale

GrabAGun offers a wide variety of the best that Heckler and Koch has to offer. This includes their quality handguns and powerful rifles, as well as their trusted accessories:

Heckler and Koch Pistols

Heckler and Koch has a broad collection of quality handguns, but the VP9, especially GrabAGun’s VP9 9mm 4.1" Barrel 17-Rounds Night Sights, is a modern classic. With performance for days, it’s backed up by an ergonomic grip that can be adjusted to your preferences and includes a one-of-a-kind striker firing system. Plus, it’s even got a cold hammer forged polygonal bore barrel and a reinforced polyamide frame for maximum accuracy and durability.

The Heckler and Koch SP5 is one of the most duplicated pistol caliber carbines in the entire world. Developed to be a civilian accessible, true replica of H&K’s world-renowned MP5 submachine gun, the SP5 is an authentic sporting rifle with outstanding features. Gun enthusiasts love GrabAGun’s SP5 Pistol 9mm 8.86” 30-Round for its superior accuracy, reliability, and smooth shooting. These features are made possible by the rifle’s roller-delayed blowback operating systems. Perhaps the best part about the SP5 is the countless opportunities you’ll have to customize your shooting experience. Since it's the world’s most popular pistol-caliber carbine platform, there’s a wealth of affordable aftermarket accessories to choose from to personalize this rifle.

If you’re looking for a pistol that combines both function and safety, then the H&K P30L is for you. This modern police and security pistol comes with an ergonomically superior grip frame that features interchangeable backstrap inserts and lateral plates, which grants a customized grip for every shooter. Already adopted by several European police agencies, this new pistol delivers exceptional weight and balance. Upgrade your firearm to the accurate, reliable, and long-lasting P30L V3 9mm 4.45” Barrel 17-Rounds from GrabAGun for the best gun deals online.

H&K Rifles for Sale

The HK416 Rifle was specially designed to be the most realistic HK rimfire available. Heckler and Koch partnered with Umarex of Germany to design and build a .22 caliber civilian version of the original HK416, which is widely used in military forces around the world. This rifle does not disappoint and features all the working qualities of its counterpart, including a short gas-stroke piston, sturdy and long-lasting aluminum receivers, and 90-degree manual safety. Plus, this gun is ultra-lightweight and extremely quiet to shoot. Whether you’re training, hunting game, or competition shooting, the HK416 .22LR 16.1” Barrel 20-Rounds from GrabAGun is the perfect rifle to keep on hand.

With a design originating from the popular HK UMP submachine gun, the Heckler and Koch USC rifle features a tried and tested construction with classic, hard-hitting power. The USC uses a simple and reliable blowback operating system, as well as the same durable polymer and reinforced steel construction that military and police forces around the world value. Not only is this rifle ready to be equipped with a wide range of accessories and attachments, but it also has diverse and extensive shooting applications. Ready to take on whatever challenge you throw at it, the USC .45 ACP 16” Barrel 10-Rounds 2 Magazines is the perfect rifle to add to your collection. And at GrabAGun, you can get it for the best gun deals online.

Heckler and Koch Magazines and Accessories

When you have the gun of your dreams, you don’t want to be interrupted by the endless need to reload. GrabAGun offers a variety of H&K’s reliable and long-lasting magazines for the best prices online. Take, for example, the classic HK416 22LR 30RDS Gray/Black Magazine, a favorite rifle magazine at GrabAGun that exceeds expectations with smooth running and seamless delivery. Then, there’s the OEM factory handgun magazine—the Heckler and Koch Magazine 9mm 17-Rounds for P30 / VP9—that will fit flush in your firearm and deliver flawless performance. With top-notch quality and a trusted design, these H&K accessories are the perfect upgrades to your firearm.

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