HK - Heckler & Koch

The origins of Heckler & Koch are like something out of a spy novel. Following the defeat of the Nazis in WWII, French forces occupying Germany dismantled the German Mauser factory and destroyed its records of operation. Not wanting to lose their life’s work, three former Mauser engineers—Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch, and Alex Seidel—salvaged whatever they could and started a machine tool plant in the now vacant Mauser plant.  

HK Guns - The Beginnings

In 1956, the government of West Germany announced its need for a new infantry rifle for use by the West German armed forces, and Heckler & Koch won the contract with their G3 battle rifle, a collaboration with the Spanish government, which by 1959 was the standard rifle of the German army. This was followed by the HK21, a machine gun variation on the G3.

In 1966, HK premiered the HK54, the precursor to the legendary MP5 machine pistol, one of the most popular submachine guns of all time, which as of 2014 is in service with government agencies in over 40 countries. Starting in 1998, Heckler & Koch began producing the UMP, the lighter cousin of the MP5.  

In 1974, HK began diversifying its brand with the establishment of HK Defense and Law Enforcement Technology and HK Hunting and Sports Firearms. Always building on its established reputation as a leader in the production of military-grade firearms, today HK is known for producing superior firearms for a variety of markets.

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