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Multi Tool

Multi Tool

Multi Tool

Versatility, dependability, and multi-functionality are just a few qualities in a tool that can be difficult to find. Having a tool that is able to perform several purposes while also being able to tackle any unknown situation is a priceless addition to any inventory. Multi-tools can be that priceless addition to any tool set. GrabAGun.com offers a variety of these tools to assist you in whatever task you might be faced with.


What are some functions you get from a multi-tool that are always offered in a traditional knife? One of the most-used features is the saw blade. With a saw blade, you can tackle many cuts that are nearly impossible with just a straight edge. Wood, rope, and several other materials can be severed more easily with a saw. The second most widely used accessory on a multi-tool besides the saw would likely be the screwdriver. Though this tool is not comparable to a knife, it is one of the most commonly needed tools for fixing problems. Often, a screwdriver is not something you carry on your person, but wish you had–the flathead and Phillips head options can each be found in a multi-tool.


The multi-tool also features many functions you may not have even considered looking for in a knife. For adult beverage lovers, many multi-tools offer a wine and bottle opener. Additionally, many also carry a foil cutter to assist in properly opening a wine bottle. In many instances, a small set of scissors can be found in a multi-tool. These tiny scissors are capable of making delicate cuts that larger blades might not be able to.


GrabAGun.com offers a wide variety of multi-tools, and our versatility in helping you find the right product is paralleled only by the product we are offering.