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History of Fiocchi

Since its inception, Fiocchi has been focused on creating ammunition for the future. When the company was founded in 1876, a radical change was happening in firearms manufacturing and Fiocchi was never caught in the past. They met the future with innovative and quality munitions by manufacturing cases with reloadable primers, extending production to complete cartridges, and discontinuing black powder production.

Fiocchi came to the United States in the 1950s when they began importing ammunition. By the 1980s, the demand for Fiocchi was so high that they built a manufacturing facility to help service the US market. Now, over 80% of ammunition sold in the United States is solely produced by their factories in America.

Today, with locations all over the world, Fiocchi continues a legacy born of quality craftsmanship, innovation, and unequaled customer service. They have contributed to several World Cups and Olympic games, including the 2004 Games in Athens and Beijing in 2008. As a world leader in ammunition manufacturing, Fiocchi continues to grow and set the standard for generations to come.

Fiocchi Ammunition for Sale

Experience the quality craftsmanship of Fiocchi ammunition. GrabAGun has all your favorite Fiocchi centerfire, shotshell, and rimfire ammo, including:

The Best Hunting Ammo Online

Hunting ammo needs to work just as hard as you do, and that’s where Fiocchi’s Field Dynamics centerfire rifle ammo comes into play. The Field Dynamics line is Fiocchi’s hardest working hunting cartridge lineup, with cartridges for every application. From low-range varmint hunting to big-game takedown, this ammo will have you covered. Every load contains the highest quality brass cases, lead-free primers, predictable powders, and precision-made bullets. If you’re looking for all this plus minimal recoil and endless rounds, then the Field Dynamics .22LR 1575 Rounds-Rounds 40 Grain Round Nose is for you. This load comes in a free Plano box for convenient storage, and you can find it for the best bulk ammo prices online at GrabAGun!

When you’re out in the wilderness, you need ammo that will reliably penetrate, expand, and take on even the toughest game. Thankfully, Fiocchi’s Flyway Series steel load shotshells come in a wide variety of loads so you can find the exact right fit for your needs. This ammo is created with a combination of treated steel shot, protective wads, and clean consistent patterns. It is not only easy on your gun barrel but also powerful in application. For the days you’re hunting waterfowl, consider GrabAGun’s Warlock Steel 12GA #4-Shot 25-Rounds 3”, which delivers a beautiful balance of consistency, power, and dense patterns.

Centerfire Fiocchi Online Ammunition

Fiocchi’s line of Defense Dynamics is for those who are serious about protection. Featuring calibers from .32 Auto to the hard-hitting .44 Magnum and .45 Auto, this line of ammunition leaves nothing to chance. It’s key element is precision manufactured fully jacketed or semi-jacketed hollow point projectiles, both of which provide the ultimate defense and reliability. GrabAGun's Fiocchi 9mm Handgun Ammunition 115 Grain FMJ 50Rds delivers everything you love about the Defense Dynamics ammo, along with excellent ballistics and reloadable brass casings. When it comes to protection, only settle for the best. Stock up today with GrabAGun’s flat-rate shipping.

Range Dynamics is everything you expect from Fiocchi ammunition: high-quality components for serious shooters. These centerfire rifle cartridges deliver high-volume fun, whether you're working on developing your skills or testing some new equipment. Every round will feed flawlessly and provide consistent power and performance. You can get your own load of Range Dynamics in the extremely popular .223 Remington caliber with GrabAGun’s .223 Rem 55GR FMJ 50Rds. Additionally, you can get Range Dynamics in .308 Win 150 FMJ BT 20Rds with flight-stable full metal jacket boat tail bullets for cheap ammo prices online from GrabAGun!

Shotshell Ammo Online

Fiocchi tells shooters that their Shooting Dynamics shotshell ammunition is “designed to provide shooters the best-performing shotshells at the best possible price,” and they couldn’t be more correct. This ammo delivers uncompromised performance at an incredible price, blending first-run chilled lead shot with one-piece cups, cushioned wads, and clean-burning powder. All of this provides unprecedented reliability for superior downrange performance. You can get your own load of Shooting Dynamics with the best ammo deals online at GrabAGun with our Shooting Dynamics Target Load 12GA #7.75 25-Rounds 2.75” and also enjoy fast, flat-rate shipping!

The Exacta line of Fiocchi shotshell ammunition is for target and competition shooters at all levels. It sets the standards for reliability, consistency, and accuracy, and it is used by champions all over the world. A popular Exacta ammo choice at GrabAGun is our Trainer Low Recoil 12GA 2.75 Inch 7/8 Oz #7.5 Shot 25Rds, which was developed for shooters who want high-performance training with little-to-no recoil. Whether you’re new to sporting or just recoil sensitive, the Low Recoil Trainer will deliver the finest performance that you can always trust.

Fiocchi Specialty Ammo

Fiocchi also produces ammunition for both collectors and enthusiasts, and their Cowboy Action centerfire rifle ammo is the perfect example. Designed for competitive shooters, this ammo delivers unprecedented power while keeping your classic-style firearms safe and protected. It uses non-corrosive primers, coated lead bullets to minimize fouling, and the highest-quality smokeless powder. Experience smooth-shooting and Old-World craftsmanship with modern technologies with your very own load of Fiocchi Cowboy Action Brass .38 SPL 50-Rounds from GrabAGun for the best ammo deals online today.

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