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Powerful optics with unwavering performance

History of EOTech

EOTech is known for producing military-grade optics that deliver unparalleled performance. The company originated in the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing remote sensing, radar, and holography. In 1995, Richard Palermo, Anthony Tai, Van Donohue, and Eric Sieczka created EOTech with the goal of applying ERIM’s technology to small firearm sights.

In 1996, EOTech made history when they introduced the world’s first holographic weapon sight (HWS), the Bushnell HoloSight. This groundbreaking invention won the Optic of the Year Award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. EOTech won that same award in 2001 with military and law enforcement models of the HWS, which were used by US Special Operations (USSOCOM), elite United States Army units, and the US Marine Corps.

EOTech continues to make groundbreaking, professional-grade optics and weapon accessories with exact standards and high-quality performance. Just a few years ago, in 2018, the National Rifle Association awarded EOTech the Golden Bullseye Optic of the Year Award for their Vudu 1-6x Precision Rifle Scope. Clearly, EOTech has made its mark in the firearms industry, manufacturing advanced optics and state-of-the-art upgrades for shooters everywhere. EOTech is defined by superior service, innovation, and unwavering confidence in everything they produce.

EOTech Firearm Optics and Accessories for Sale

Equip your firearm with only the best upgrades and optics from EOTech. GrabAGun carries a wide variety of EOTech’s most reliable and powerful gun optics, including their red dot sights, rifle scopes, magnifiers, and more.

Red Dot Sights for Sale Online

The HWS 512 is the most popular model in EOTech’s HWS lineup, and for good reason. It delivers faster target acquisition, ease of use, and durability for any terrain. It’s built for close-quarter engagements with fast-moving targets and allows shooters to focus on what really matters: what is in front of them. Plus, it runs on AA batteries without the need for night-vision compatibility. With water resistance and 20 daylight settings, the HWS 512 is the perfect upgrade to any firearm.

For true, both-eyes-open shooting, you need the HWS EXPS2. This red dot sight enables co-witnessing of iron sights in the lower third of the viewing window, allowing you to acquire your target with speed and accuracy. It also features easily adjustable, locking side buttons with a quick detach lever for convenience when attaching and removing the optic. The compact size of the HWS EXPS2 maximizes your rail space for superior performance. Find the best EOTech optics for your AR 10 and AR 15 rifles for sale at GrabAGun!

When you want speed and versatility, the HWS EXPS3 is there. The HWS EXPS3 is a great option for day or night hunting, thanks to its night vision capabilities and 7mm raised quick detach base that allows for iron sight access. Plus, it is water-resistant up to 33 feet, fog proof with nitrogen filling, and can easily accept a magnifier. With a rugged construction, this holographic sight is built like a tank and will last you a lifetime. Upgrade your hunting rifles today with the best gun deals online from GrabAGun!

EOTech Magnifiers for Sale

The EOTech Magnifier G33 is the magnifier of choice for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and, in fact, is the only USSOCOM approved magnifier. Shooters love this optic for its lightweight, durable, and compact design, along with its dozens of features. It delivers fast transitioning from 3x to 1x, tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments, a larger field-of-view, an adjustable diopter, and more. Compatible with all EOTech HWS models, this magnifier is the final piece to a perfect setup. If you want improved, precise focus when shooting, then you don’t need to look any further than the EOTech Magnifier G33.

If you’re looking for a bit more power, but still want a lightweight and solid design, then the EOTech Magnifier G45 is for you. The G45 has all the benefits of the G33, plus an additional 2X magnification. This means you can have greater accuracy at greater distances without the addition of unnecessary weight. Offering rapid transitioning from 5X to 1X, the battle-tested G45 is one of the most compact, reliable, and innovative magnifiers available. Find it today for the best price online at GrabAGun.

Rifle Scopes for your AR10, AR 15, or Bolt Action Rifle

Get the advantage over your target with the heavy-duty, powerful, and reliable EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP. This rifle scope not only features fog, shock, and water resistance but is also constructed from the highest grade aircraft aluminum. Perfect for your AR-10, AR-15, or bolt action rifle, you’ll experience faster target engagement, higher accuracy, and longer-range capabilities. For all your short to medium range applications, the EOTech Vudu 1-6x24 FFP is there to deliver hair-splitting accuracy. Find the best prices for all your rifle scopes, firearm upgrades, and more at GrabAGun!

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