Daniel Defense

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History of Daniel Defense

Marty Daniel, the founder of Daniel Defense, flunked out of college—twice. On his third attempt, however, he graduated with honors and a spot on the dean’s list from Georgia Southern University’s engineering program. It was this kind of determination that aided Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit, helping him become a small business owner right after graduating. His vision for growth and success was unmatched.

Then, in 1999, Marty Daniel visited the shooting range for the first time, and he immediately fell in love. Shooting was the perfect stress reliever and it excited his engineering mind. The more time he spent shooting, the more ideas he had for improving firearms. So, in 2000 Daniel officially created Daniel Defense with the goal of growth, innovation, and the enhancement of firearms everywhere.

The years following the inception of Daniel Defense were filled with unique innovation. The company created groundbreaking products, such as the “Big Hole Upper,” Sling Loop, and reliable rail systems. Then, in 2003, Daniel Defense (still considered a small business) went head-to-head with large manufacturing corporations and won the contract for a forend rail system solicited by the Special Operations Command (SOCOM.) Daniel Defense won this contract again in 2005 and 2006.

The first firearm that Daniel Defense designed and manufactured was released in 2009: the DDM4 (later known as the V1). Since then, the company has continued to create innovative firearms that regularly change the face of shooting. In fact, in 2012, 2013, and 2014 Daniel Defense was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA, with 1000% growth over a 10-year period. Though Daniel Defense is only 20 years old, the company has an endless supply of knowledge, inventive ideas, and passion, and they are leading the shooting community into the future.

Daniel Defense Guns for Sale

Shop GrabAGun’s complete collection of Daniel Defense firearms and accessories, including its trusted DDM4, AR-15, MK18, AR15 rifle parts, and more.

AR 15 and Bolt Action Rifles for Sale

The DDM4 is Daniel Defense’s original and most popular firearm. Now, there is the DDM4 V7, also known as the V7, an AR-15 with even more upgrades and enhanced manufacturing. The mid-length gas system is a favorite among shooters, providing smooth and reliable cycling under even the harshest conditions. Plus, it provides excellent recoil reduction while lessening wear and tear. The V7 also features M-LOK attachment points that run along 7 positions and an uninterrupted 1913 Picatinny rail, which means you have amazing customization abilities. You can get your own V7 and other AR15 rifles online at GrabAGun!

Make your next bolt action rifle experience unforgettable with the Delta 5 from Daniel Defense. This rifle was designed for ultimate customizability with a user configurable stock, interchangeable cold hammer forged barrel, and more. Plus, the Delta 5 comes with the guarantee that you’ll shoot .75 MOA or better at 100 yards. That’s guaranteed accuracy in a rugged, unforgettable, bolt action rifle design.

Daniel Defense’s Best Handguns

The DDM4 PDW is the perfect AR 15 pistol with great ballistics, easy handling, and effortless enhancements. It is an ideal AR15 pistol for home or personal defense—the type of firearm you can always rely on. The MRF XL flat front rail provides excellent handling and reliability while the M-LOK attachment points enable unique customization and compatibility. Ultra-compact and easy to handle, the DDM4 PDW is a quality firearm you’ll be glad to have on hand. Get this awesome AR-15 for sale online at GrabAGun!

Inspired by the combat-tested and proven MK18 is the Daniel Defense MK18 Pistol. The MK18 is popular with both law enforcement and special operations communities, and it’s not hard to see why. With a light weight of just over 5lbs, an ambidextrous Grip-N-Rip charging handle, and a 6-bolt Bolt-Up System, this AR pistol will be the best handgun in your collection. Plus, it features the Picatinny quad rail that Daniel Defense currently provides to USSOCOM, which means this firearm is truly a rugged, reliable weapon. Find the MK18 Pistol and more of Daniel Defense’s best handguns for sale online at GrabAGun!

The Best AR15 Rifle Parts

Daniel Defense rose to fame by creating enhanced, unique AR 15 parts and upgrades, which they continue to manufacture so you can improve and customize your firearm exactly the way you want. A best-seller is the Daniel Defense Rail Interface System (RIS II), which was designed at the request of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for the SOPMOD II program. This rail system is free-floating, has a two-piece design, and is field-tested. Whether you’re upgrading or building your own AR-15, the Daniel Defense Rail Interface System (RIS II) is a rugged and reliable piece that will always deliver.

No firearm is complete without additional magazines and the DD Magazine from Daniel Defense is your firearm’s perfect companion. It has a 32 round capacity and surpasses other magazines in strength, durability, and longevity. Thanks to the heavy-duty carbon-fiber reinforced polymer build, this magazine is lightweight and easy to handle. Plus, it has a textured body for a firmer grip and ease of use.

Daniel Defense understands that not all AR sights are created equal. That’s why they created the AR-15 Iron Sight Set (Rock & Lock). This iron sight set is the perfect backup sight for shooters, and it is sure to last more than a lifetime. Constructed from the highest quality aircraft-grade aluminum, along with an unobtrusive, snag-free design, this sight will be your new favorite. Get it today, along with other great AR15 rifle deals, online at GrabAGun!