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Founded in 1855 by Samuel Colt, Colt firearms occupy a special place in American history. Samuel Colt’s role in developing and popularizing the revolver is legendary. Since the production of the first Colt revolver nearly 200 years ago, Colt products have been beloved for their lavish attention to detail inside and out, and several Colt revolvers are among the most expensive guns ever sold at auction.   

In 1836, Samuel Colt patented the revolving-cylinder Colt firearm, which unlike single-shot weapons that needed upwards of 20 seconds to reload, could fire multiple shots in succession without interruption. Eliminating the time between shots was critical for frontiersmen and soldiers going up against the extreme efficiency of Indian bows and arrows, and Colt revolvers soon exploded in popularity.  

By 1848, Colt had perfected his revolver, and the Colt Walker revolver was a staple of the Mexican American War. Colt’s customers would grow to include the Forty-Niners of the California Gold Rush, migrating settlers, Texas cowboys, and lawmen throughout the Western territories.

During the 1850s, Samuel Colt perfected both his production and marketing techniques: his commitment to precision and efficiency in manufacturing and his love of Old West lore would make the Colt a central part of the American frontier. The 1873 Single Action Army revolving cylinder, or SAA, was used by Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, and Teddy Roosevelt, and is highly popular to this day.

Colt firearms are renowned for their intricate designs, deadly accuracy, and bulletproof reliability, and GrabAGun is proud to offer all of your favorite Colt guns and accessories.