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Modern firearms of Turkish-grade quality

History of Canik

For about the last 20 years, Canik has produced some of the most reliable handguns and magazines on the market. Pronounced “Cha-neek” or “Ja-neek,” this Turkish importer and manufacturer specializes in creating the weapons of the future by improving existing designs and making them accessible for reasonable prices.

Canik Guns for Sale

The Canik TP9 is one of the best options for people who want a standard, sturdy, reliable pistol with above standard performance and quality. The uninitiated might assume a low-cost handgun like this won’t measure up to more expensive brands, but Canik TP9 owners know better. Its unbelievably high-quality trigger is known to outperform other similar handguns.

The TP9 Elite’s compact size and ease of use make it perfect for a concealed carry pistol. With ambidextrous controls, forward and rearward cocking serrations, white-dot sights, and loaded chamber indicator, it’s full of upgrades that make it superior to previous variants. It also features an exceptionally clean trigger break. With all these upgrades at this price, the TP9 Elite is a compact pistol you’ll be glad to have on hand.

The TP9SF delivers excellent quality packed into a compact package for a small price. As reliable handguns go, this is one of the best for accuracy and trigger performance. It features a red bulb striker indicator, Warren tactical sights, a single-action trigger, and a Picatinny rail for those who’d like to add other upgrades. Firearms enthusiasts have found it a fun addition to their gun cases and sometimes recommend it as a first handgun for newcomers.

It took extraordinary quality and skill to win the Canik TP9SFx the 2017 Firearms Industry Choice Award. With military-grade components, the TP9SFx could help win sporting awards of your own. For instance, its extended slide release and weight-reducing front and rear slide serrations help improve maneuvering during competitive situations. And it includes some new features, such as the patented slide lock retention holster and the ultra-durable Tungsten-Grey Cerakote®-over-Nitride finish on the barrel and slide of colored models. With the Warren Tactical green and red fiber optic sights to ensure flawless performance, and an accessory rail under the barrel, the Canik TP9SFx is an undeniably perfect addition to any sport shooter’s gun vault.

The TP9SF Elite does not mess around. It boasts new features like the tough Nitride finish for models in black and Cerakote®-over-Nitride for the models in Tungsten-Grey (slide-only) and the patented Slidelock Retention Holster. With the Warren Tactical red and green fiber optic front sights, this professional-grade pistol is meant for serious situations and serious shooters. It’s also got a right-and-left-hand-friendly slide release and includes a magazine loader and cleaning kit. When you hold the TP9SF Elite in your hand, you know it means business.

Take performance and versatility with you anywhere with the TP9 Elite SC. This pistol’s basic 12 rd. magazine can be switched out with an included 15 rd. magazine (depending on state-regulations) to give the user the option to carry either a compact or a subcompact pistol. For easier conceal carry, it’s also got an IWB/OWB reversible holster. As the winner of the Ballistic Best Award for Best Compact Semi-Auto, TP9 Elite SC is a pistol you can feel confident about owning and using, especially when it matters most.

The TP9 Elite Combat Executive’s name practically speaks for itself. Its gold PVD-coated barrel and high-quality design by Salient Arms International announce it as the most impressive TP9 variant pistol from Canik in existence. SAI added the proprietary convex thread protector with a right-hand thread size of 1/2x28", the iconic gold barrel, the aluminum Speed Funnel mag well, the new flat-faced aluminum trigger, and several more performance-enhancing features. It’s a legendary design that will back you up while also looking amazing in your gun case.

Canik Magazines for Sale

When you own a Canik handgun, you’ve got to have magazines that measure up to the Canik standard. And at GrabAGun, we’ve got exactly the ones you’re looking for. Our top-sellers are all about versatility: they fit most variants of the Canik TP9. Their rugged metal design makes for years of flawless performance in your Canik pistol.

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