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History of Armscor

The Armscor heritage can be traced back to 1905 when the first Squires, Bingham & Co. headquarters was established in the Philippines. Years later, in 1930, they were bought and renamed “Sportsmen’s Headquarters.” For a decade, they engaged in trading clothing, firearms, ammunition, and other items before visionary entrepreneur Don Celso Tuason bought the company at the start of WWII. He renamed the company to “Squires Bingham Manufacturing Inc.” and helped rebuild the post-war Philippines by obtaining the first firearms manufacturing license from the government.

Armscor, the brand that is widely loved today, didn’t come into existence until the 1980s after Squires Bingham Manufacturing was reorganized and renamed “Arms Corporation of the Philippines.” In 1985, Armscor opened its first American enterprise in Pahrump, Nevada, and acquired the Rock Island Armory brand a little while later. Rock Island Armory was the leading M1911 manufacturer and developer at the time and still is today.

In 2011, the company experienced a brand update and simplified its structure. As part of that simplification process, Rock Island Armory became the sole producer of firearms in the Armscor family. What never changed was the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and service. They know that whatever they produce would meet the company’s motto, “Right on target. Right on the Price.”

Armscor Guns For Sale

GrabAGun proudly carries all the Armscor products you could need, including their line of 1911 handguns, shotguns, ammunition, as well as their magazines and more!

Armscor 1911 Handguns

For a pistol that blends the classic lines of a 1911 with modern features, choose the Armscor Rock Ultra. Built on the classic series 70 design, this comes manufactured with Armscor’s precision engineering standards and first-rate upgrades that shooters will love. A full-sized handgun chambered in 10mm, this comes loaded with features including a 5-inch button-rifled barrel, a double-stack magwell with a 16-round capacity, a parkerized matte coating, and battle-ready G10 tactical grips. The smooth angled, snag-free styling allows for a quick draw in fast-paced situations. What helps are the low-profile adjustable rear sights and high-visibility fiber optic front sights—they won’t get caught on clothing or holsters, so you can carry them with confidence. GrabAGun has 1911 handguns for sale at affordable prices, so don’t wait to get one for yourself today!

The Armscor Rock Standard is also built on the 70 series design. It offers a stunning combination of modern upgrades with the classic look of a 1911. An 8-round magazine is chambered in .45 ACP for reliable power in any situation. Features include a 5-inch barrel, skeletonized hammer, and trigger with adjustable over travel stop and ambidextrous safety. The finish is blasted matte nickel with black checkered rubber grips for a stunning appearance. Like many other Rock Island firearms, this is also equipped with a low-profile angled rear sight with fiber optic front sights. Neither will snag or catch on a holster, so you’ll be ready for any quick draw moment you could find yourself in.

When you want all the benefits of a 1911, but you don’t want the size, you choose the Armscor BBR. The BBR Series 3.10 is Armscor’s smallest and lightest .45 ACP handgun, but don’t let the size fool you. This seriously compact pistol packs a serious punch! Featuring a 10+1 capacity magazine, 3.10-inch barrel, and a solid 4140 Ordnance steel frame, this is one of the best handguns for women out there. With the snag-free, combat-style sights, this is the ideal choice for close-range, high-impact applications. If you need a 45 handgun and don’t want to break the bank, check out GrabAGun today!

Armscor Shotguns

The Armscor VR80 is the semi-auto shotgun that you need in your collection. It is unmatched in nearly every way. If you are familiar with an AR-15 platform, then you’ll be comfortable with the ergonomics and controls of the VR80. The upper and lower receiver are constructed from durable 7075 T6 aluminum and feature a 5-round magazine chambered in 12-gauge that can easily feed 2 ¾-inch and 3-inch shells. The Armscor VR80 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Realtree Timber 12 Ga 20” Barrel 5-Rounds also comes equipped with an optics ready flat-top and an M-LOK handguard. For an AR-style shotgun that will make a powerful impact on the targets at the range, GrabAGun has you covered.

Sometimes, a semi-automatic shotgun won’t do. That’s when you need the Armscor PA 3-in-1 Chrome Shotgun. Featuring all of Armscors legendary features, this also comes with an 18.5-inch barrel as well as an additional 28-inch barrel and a pistol grip. A 5+1 round magazine is chambered in 12-gauge and easily feeds 3-inch shells. What’s so special about this shotgun is that it can quickly and effortlessly be customized to fit your needs. Add a synthetic rear removable stock, change out the barrel, or replace the included pistol grip for a firearm that will be able to perform anywhere, anytime. When you need a reliable home defense shotgun, check out GrabAGun’s quality selection, including the Armscor Meriva Chrome 12 Ga 28” Barrel 3”-Chamber 5-Rounds. For a no-nonsense, reliable, and efficient shotgun, there is only one name to trust: Armscor. The Lion Tactical SA (X4) is everything you need without any frills. Featuring a gas-operated action, this is made with a lightweight aluminum receiver, lightweight polymer furniture, and even comes with modified and improved choke tubes. But don’t let this minimal design fool you—the X4 Tactical is a powerful sporting rifle. A 4+1 magazine is chambered in 12-gauge and feeds 2 ¾-inch and 3-inch shells with ease. Ideal for home defense or field use, this is a firearm that will never fail you.

Armscor Ammunition

One of the things that Armscor does well is ammunition. All rounds are made right here in the United States. The wide selection of rimfire, rifle, and handgun ammo is all competitively and appropriately priced—you’ll never pay more than what you should. For example, the Armscor Rimfire Ammo Brass .22 LR is an incredible round for target practice, plinking, and other informal situations. These rounds feature an energy of 132 ft/lbs, a speed of 1285 fps, and a grain of 36. It’s a great practice round for anyone new to the firearms world. You can get affordable ammo online from GrabAGun today!

>p>When you need something that packs a punch, the Armscor Centerfire Rifle Brass .30 Carbine is an excellent choice. Each round delivers incredible performance, accuracy, and consistency. Armscor ammunition complies with the SAAMI, CIP, and other military/customer desired standards. Widely used by the police, military, gun hobbyists, and sports shooters, this is always a dependable cartridge. They feature a full metal jacket, 110-grain, an energy of 896 ft/lb, and a speed of 1915 fps. Hit every single mark with Armscor ammo.

And of course, Armscor has you covered for quality handgun ammo, as well. The Armscor 9mm ammo is perfect for daily carry and self-defense purposes. It can even be taken to the range to practice with if needed. Featuring a full metal jacket, 115-grain, an energy of 307 ft/lbs, and a speed of 902 fps. You simply can’t go wrong with a quality 9mm cartridge like those from Armscor. Everything is made with precision and accuracy in mind. For more ammo online, at affordable rates, check out GrabAGun!

Armscor Magazines & Accessories

There is no such thing as too many magazines, especially when it comes to your 1911 handgun or tactical rifle. That’s why Armscor manufactures OEM magazines, so you’ll never have to worry about ill-fitting parts or feeding issues. The Armscor Magazine Blued .22 TCM 5Rd is made from durable steel and fits any Rock Island Armory bolt action rifle chambered in .22 TCM. For those who carry daily, an extra magazine is never a bad idea. The Armscor 1911 A2 Magazine Black 10MM / .40 SW 16Rds is a great backup. Used as a spare double stack, this OEM magazine is designed with the same material and precision as the rest of the firearm. You can also pick up other handgun magazines like the Armscor Magazine for Beretta Model 92FS and M9 Blued 9MM 17-Rounds. Made from durable materials, this will last as long as you need it to and will never fail. Get rifle and handgun magazines at a reasonable price from GrabAGun today!

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