The company that was to become Armscor Precision International got its start in 1905, when Squires, Bingham & Co., a trading post in the Philippines, opened for business, and from these humble beginnings Armscor would grow to become one of the world’s most respected firearms manufacturers, including being the world’s largest producer of 1911 pistols.

Armscor Guns History

In 1930, Squires, Bingham & Co. changed its name to Sportsmen’s Headquarters; and in 1952 owner Don Celso Tuason, who had purchased Sportsmen’s Headquarters at the start of WWII, changed the name to Squires Bingham Manufacturing Incorporated. After obtaining the first firearms manufacturing license issued in the newly independent Philippines, Tuason began opening plants around the country and contributing to the rebuilding effort.

Armscor and Rock Island

In 1980, Squires Bingham Manufacturing became the Arms Corporation of the Philippines, giving birth to the Armscor brand; and in 1985, after opening its first U.S. location, Armscor purchased the rights to the Rock Island Armory, one of the world’s leading M1911 pistol manufacturers and developers.

Together, Armscor USA and the Rock Island Armory produce high quality, dependable and affordable pistols, revolvers, and rifles, and GrabAGun is proud to supply all of your favorite Armscor and Rock Island Armory guns and accessories.