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AR Uppers For Sale

ar uppers for sale

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Before the availability of the AR-15 to the public, gun owners’ had no choice but to buy a different gun for each caliber and application. If they preferred to target practice with a .22 rifle, it required a .22 rifle. If they required a deer hunting rifle such as a .308 they had to buy a different rifle. Changes required using the services of a gunsmith. The advent of the AR-15 changed all of that. GrabAGun offers the AR uppers for sale and the other parts that you require to build a fully custom AR-15 style rifle.

The popularity of the AR-15 rifle is related to its versatility and modularity, as well as its superior accuracy, reliability, durability and the wide range of AR-15 parts that are available. The AR-15 rifle literally redefines convenience and ease of use among rifles.

It is easy to see why the AR-15 is often the weapon of choice for target practice, hunters, competition shooters, farm and ranch varmint control, security and law enforcement personnel, as well as for home defense with the use of a carbine version for improved maneuverability in the tight confines of space within the home.

Shop our site for the AR uppers for sale that you require. We offer a wide selection of uppers from numerous manufacturers such as Adams Arms, American Tactical Imports, Bushmaster, Colt, Daniel Defense and Ruger to name just a few.

The upper receiver of the AR-15 is simple to remove providing a fast exchange to suit your current need in the rifle. The versatile design of the AR-15 style upper allows for different barrel variants.

Many AR uppers for sale provide different weights and calibers, as well as different stock lengths and sights. This allows the shooter the flexibility to select their preferred type of ammunition for the purpose at hand, as well as the flexibility to adapt for different uses and needs. It is important to realize that some specific uppers of particular calibers may require adjustment of the lower receiver for proper operation.

A stripped AR upper will require additional components such as gas block and tube, barrel, rail or hand guard, bolt carrier group, charging handle, chamber, muzzle break, sights/optics, foregrip and possibly an ejection port cover and forward assist to name a few.

The barrel is installed into the front of the upper receiver. Barrels come in different lengths, shapes and types and will determine the length of gas system that you will use. It is important to note when building from a stripped AR-15 upper, the services of a gunsmith may be required on some stripped uppers for the drilling of holes for taper pins.

GrabAGun offers both stripped and complete AR uppers for sale with a wide selection of complete uppers for your convenience. In addition, we offer the AR-15 parts you require for the completion of your fully customized AR-15 rifle. If you don’t see the AR upper or other parts that you require give our helpful customer service agents a call. We can order the AR upper with the features you require and apply the GrabAGun discount price.

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