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The AR for sale is the most popular rifle in the U.S., and is the preferred weapon of hunters, homeowners, law enforcement, target shooters, competitors of shooting matches and collectors nationwide. The greatest appeal of the AR-15 for most people is its extreme versatility and reliability. It can be modified, customized, assembled from scratch and rebuilt with just a few basic tools and minimal knowledge.

The AR is a reliable firearm possessing the reputation of accuracy with very little recoil, as well as a semi-automatic feed gas system. The AR definitely sets the standard for the definition of a customizable firearm to entirely new heights and it is this feature that makes so highly desired.

By simply exchanging the barrel and the receiver, the AR-15 is converted to fire as many as 16 different calibers from a .22 LR to the .50BMG. An avid sports enthusiast can literally safe store (or sell) numerous weapons that will be replaced with the AR for various game hunting, target practice, varmint control, home and property protection, ranch and farm use, matches and more. This versatility extends to its ability to be customized to fit short or tall shooters with the adjustment of folding stocks or use of adjustable stocks. Even triggers can be replaced with the pull you prefer.

An additional feature that is popular is the ability of the AR for sale to adapt from a weapon at less than 36 inches to over 50 inches, and an average accuracy range of 547 yards firing 700-950 rounds/min. This feature provides one weapon with the ability to move from personal protection to a medium range sniper rifle in minutes.

There are hundreds of aftermarket AR-15 accessories available for use with a modular accessory rail enabling you to personally customize the AR for sale to suit your preference. The AR can be purchased fully complete from the factory with your desired features, or you may purchase a base model enabling you to dress it up with your own selection of add on features. Alternately, the AR can be built from scratch from a purchased lower receiver. These features account for the strong popularity of the AR. No gun before or since, offers quite the versatility of the AR.

GrabAGun offers the AR for sale that you desire in a variety of price ranges to fit almost any budget. Shop online to view our extensive selection of the AR for sale as well as an extensive inventory of AR-15 accessories and AR 15 parts. We offer approximately 2,100 complete rifles in the AR for sale category, and over 400 AR uppers and lowers for your shopping convenience. With more than 94 brands in stock such as Beretta, Black Dawn, Bravo Company, Bushmaster, Colt, Mossberg, Olympic Steyr to name only a few, you are almost certain to find the brand and configuration you desire. If you don’t find the AR for sale that you desire, give our helpful customer service agents a call, we can order the weapon you desire and will provide the GrabAGun discount.

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