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Prior to the invention of guns, humans used knives for many aspects of survival and hunting. They have been around for centuries and crafted out of numerous materials over the years. Mankind has also depended on knives for protection in a variety of ways. Though many aspects of the knife have changed, its importance and practical nature remains. GrabAGun.com realizes that knives are still an integral part of our way of life and offers a vast assortment to fill all the needs that knives can be used for.


Knives and other sharp weapons fulfill roles that we need to complete everyday tasks. Axes and saws have been used to harvest lumber. Swords have been used for both conquest and defense. Though some of the core uses do not see as much action, knives are still utilized by a variety of people. Hunters can easily find a reason to carry a sharp blade with them when they are out on the trail. Campers sharpen marshmallow roasting sticks or cut rope to tie up hammocks. Cooks of every skill level harness the power and finesse of knives on a daily basis.


Keeping them functioning properly requires plenty of care, but it is by no means a tedious task. Sharpening tools exist to keep the blades honed in order to make slicing effortless. Oils and other lubricants will keep them in pristine condition. Sheaths also will help keep your weapon in excellent condition.


When you decide you need a knife to get a job done, GrabAGun.com is ready, willing, and able to supply you with nearly any knife you could possibly need. Explore their vast inventory to grab the perfect knife for you. As always, check with their customer service if you have any further questions about a knife before you make your purchase.