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Concealed Handgun License Class - $69 per person!

We currently do not have any classes scheduled.
Spaces fill up fast! Call now to reserve your spot in one of
our upcoming classes at 972-552-7246.

All you need to sign up is a Texas Driver’s License or Texas Identification Card.

The CHL Course Fee is $69 per student. Fee is for the course only and is not refundable if you are denied your CHL by the State.

Exam and Shooting Qualification:

The student will have to score 72% (18/25.) on a written (multiple choice and T/F) test and 70% (175/250) on a shooting proficiency test. While some classes of individuals may qualify for exemption from the proficiency test, no exemptions will be allowed.

For the classroom portion the student should bring:

  1. Pen (and highlighter if desired)
  2. Drinks/snacks (if desired)
  3. Small notebook (if desired)
  4. Texas Driver’s License or Texas ID Card (for verification)

Shooting Qualification:

All handguns must be in good working order and capable of firing at least 6 shots without reloading. The student must be familiar with their handgun. There is no time allocated for zeroing handguns in class.

Pursuant to HB3142, signed into law by Governor Perry 6-14-2013,  if a student qualifies with a revolver their CHL will also qualify them to carry a semi-automatic weapon.

    1. Revolver OR semi-automatic
    2. Firearm caliber must be .38 Special or larger to qualify
    3. At least 50 rounds of ammunition for the gun. If the student fails to qualify the first time, more rounds will be needed.

Each qualification consumes 50 rounds. Extra rounds are also useful in case of a miss-fire.  No reloaded ammunition will be allowed and no aluminum cased ammo.

  1. Eye protection
  2. Over the ear hearing protection (muff type) that cover ear and area behind ear
  3. Head cover – baseball cap with bill
  4. Footwear must cover entire foot (no sandals or flip-flops)

Bring the UNLOADED handgun to class in a gun case, box, range bag, gym bag, grocery bag, or anything that allows you to transport the gun from your car to class without a hand coming in contact with the gun. Ammunition must be in the original manufactures box. When coming to the class, leave the gun and ammunition in the car until you are instructed to bring them into the class. Do not handle any firearms until told to do so.

Eligibility Requirements for Texas CHL:
  1. Legal resident of Texas
  2. Age 21 (unless active duty or honorability discharged US military then 18)
  3. Never convicted of a FELONY
  4. Not charged with class A or B MISDEMEANOR or FELONY
  5. Must not be chemically dependent (including Alcohol)
  6. Capability of exercising sound judgment
  7. Not convicted of class A or B MISDEMEANOR (or disorderly conduct) in last 5 years
  8. Must be able to purchase handgun (under state and federal laws)
  9. No delinquent payments to State of Texas including taxes and child support
  10. Not subject to a protective or restraining order involving a person
  11. Not convicted of felony grade juvenile delinquent conduct in last 10 years

The state of Texas charges $140.00 for a CHL (regardless of approval or denial). Seniors (60+) will be charged $70, and honorable discharged veterans within one year of discharge are free and after one year after discharge are charged $25.00.