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Rifle Makers Move To Gun Sale Friendly States


Relocating Gun Manufacturers | Rifles for Sale

The great gun manufacturers migration continues to more gun friendly states. Stag Arms intended location remains unnamed at this time, citing the availability of workforce, and local gun laws as the determining factor for their decision. Stag Arms is a manufacturer of the AR-15 family of rifles for sale.

Not only has stricter gun legislation driven manufacturers from the north, it has also spurred the growth of start-up manufacturers across the southern U.S., companies like Barrett in TN, Kel-Tec in FL, Wilson Combat in AR, Daniel Defense in GA and SC, and Red Dot Arms in AL. All of whom manufacture among other products the AR family of rifles for sale.

Foreign manufacturers have joined the migration, such as Steyr and Taurus, as well as Para USA who moved their complete operation from Canada to NC several years back.

Including domestic, foreign and start-up manufacturers, the south now claims at least 37 manufacturers in the gun industry. The list of those companies is greater when you consider other gun friendly states that have benefited from gun manufacturers leaving states with anti-gun policies. Those who chose the south for relocation as well as start-up operations are as follows:

  • American Derringer, Waco, TX
  • American Tactical Imports, Summerville, SC
  • Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Ruckersville, VA
  • Barrett, Murfreesboro, TN
  • Beretta, Gallatin, TN
  • Bond Arms, Granbury, TX
  • BPI Outdoors, Duluth, GA
  • Colt, Breckenride, TX
  • Daisy Manufacturing, Rogers, Arkansas
  • Daniel Defense, Ridgeland, SC
  • Daniel Defense, Black Creek, GA
  • Diamondback, Cocoa, FLDoublestar, Winchester, KY
  • FNH USA/ Winchester, Columbia, SC
  • Heritage Manufacturing, Miami, FL
  • High Standard/AMT, Houston, TX
  • Ithaca Gun, Aynor, SC
  • Kahr Pike Co., Pennsylvania
  • Kel-Tec, Cocoa, FL
  • Knight’s Armament, Titusville, FL
  • Les Baer Custom, LeClaire, Iowa
  • Lewis Machine & Tool, Davenport, Iowa
  • Lothar Walthar Precision, Cumming, GA
  • Magpul Industries, North-central, TX
  • MasterPiece Arms, Comer, GA
  • O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Eagle Pass TX
  • Para USA, Pineville, NC
  • PTR Industries, Aynor, SC
  • Red Dot Arms, Calera, AL
  • Remington Arms, Huntsville, AL
  • Remington/Marlin, Mayfield, KY
  • Steyr Arms, Bessemer, AL
  • STI International, Georgetown, TX
  • Sturm, Ruger & Co., Mayodan,NC
  • Taurus/Rossi, Miami, FL
  • Walther Arms, Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Wilson Combat, Berryville, Arkansas

Competition among the states has been strong with offers of lower taxes, assistance with costs and other incentives. It a win-win situation for manufacturers of any product, guns included. In return, the states receive jobs and tax money, and citizens are happy that some of their favorite handguns and rifles for sale are made locally.

Texas has achieved the highest gain with six gun manufacturers, five each for Florida and South Carolina, with the remainder divided among other mostly southern states.

Gun manufacturers aren’t alone in the migration. Boeing, BMW, Honda and Michelin Tires have chosen to relocate to South Carolina.

In Alabama the last few decades have seen a large influx of manufacturers flock to the state. Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Air Bus, Toyota Engines, Lockheed Martin’s Cruise missile plant expansion to name a few.

Peterbilt, GM, International and Toyota chose Texas and the economic growth is even sweeter with a recent tally of 41 manufacturers including new and those who are expanding.

The future looks good in the south with wages nearing those of union based workers. This boon is in a region where the cost of living is well below most northern areas. Guns in general are selling well, and popular rifles for sale won’t be the only manufactured goods going south. Nor is the trend expected to stop anytime soon with hundreds of manufacturers looking south for expansions and relocation.

GrabAGun is your premier source of rifles for sale as well as other quality firearms with the great pricing GrabAGun is known for. Visit our site for gun parts and accessories, hunting and archery supplies and much more, all with the GrabAGun advantage.

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Night Vision Gun Parts & Accessories


Night Vision | Gun Parts

If you are considering the purchase of a night vision device the advantages are unquestionable. Night vision makes it possible to see what you otherwise couldn’t. A flashlight may expose the intruder at the garage door. But then he knows you know, a confrontation will occur, or the intruder will flee, to possibly come back another night. GrabAGun offers a wide selection of night vision devices in our optics and mounts division, along with a tremendous inventory of gun parts and much more.

Night vision gives you an advantage by enabling you to see without being seen, providing you with the necessary time to call law enforcement. The intruder is arrested, and shouldn’t be coming back. Night vision also enables you to observe wildlife without startling them.

Many models have built-in IR illuminators, while others can be upgraded with IR illuminators to increase brightness and range. View our selection of night vision devices under the Optics tab.

Selecting a Night Vision Device

If you are looking at night vision goggles or binoculars select the unit that fills your needs in features, size and cost.

One of the most common questions involves the differences between the generations. All night vision devices work by amplifying available light, enabling you to see in conditions too dark for the human eye. The difference in the generations of night vision devices is in the technology and ability to intensify the image you are viewing. The higher the generation the better the image will be. GrabAGun offers all generations of night vision, as well as offering gun sales gun parts accessories and hunting supplies.

Generation I night vision devices (goggles, monocular and binoculars) uses an intensifier tube that amplifies ambient light by accelerating electrons and striking a phosphor surface.

Generation II night vision devices add a micro channel plate that multiplies the number of electrons before they strike a phosphor surface.

Generation III night vision devices (goggles, monocular and scopes) add a Gallium Arsenide photocathode which creates a significantly greater number of photoelectrons than a Generation II device is capable of. Gen III night vision is military grade.

Generation IV night vision is currently the most advanced night vision providing even greater visibility and the ability for target detection. GrabAGun offers generation III and IV gun scopes under the optics tab. Peruse our large selection of firearms, gun parts, archery supplies and much more.

Night vision devices are not created for magnification as binoculars and telescopes are. Most night vision devices offer from no magnification to a low 4x magnification. Night vision enables viewing in dark conditions, not long range magnification. Infra-Red (IR) will increase your viewing in even darker conditions.

The selection of a night vision device comes down to how clear an image you want to view. If your use is general recreational when you are camping, watching nature, hiking, surveillance, search and rescue or property management then a Gen. I will probably be adequate.

GrabAGun offers all categories of night vision including scopes. Shop our extensive inventory for optics, gun parts, accessories and one of the largest selections of guns for sale on the internet.

GrabAGun provides an extensive selection of optics, including night vision with some of the best prices available. Whether you are looking for a great price on guns for sale, gun parts or accessories our extensive inventory provides one the largest selections available online at the best prices in the industry. Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

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Pistols For Sale For Spring Camping

Pistols For Spring Camping Trips

Spring Camping Tips | Pistols for Sale

It’s that time of year again and after a cold winter, spring could not arrive fast enough for most people. It is the perfect cure for cabin fever, and under the warm deep blue skies of spring it provides some flower laden down time to enjoy the new season. If you haven’t already purchased a concealed weapon, now is the time to think about it, before that camping trip. GrabAGun offers an extensive inventory of pistols for sale.

Spring camping is a yearly ritual for many families and often provides the opportunity to meet new people during camping trips and especially those coupled with planned events. Even the most seasoned camper will occasionally forget a coffee pot or the salt, but such items are just common sense.

This guide addresses the most often overlooked, unconsidered or mustn’t-be-forgotten-and-yet-is items. GrabAGun offers camping equipment, as well as pistols for sale for carrying concealed on your camping adventure.

Safety First

Don’t forget to put together a first aid kit. I always make my own.

  • Small bottle of peroxide
  • Triple anti-biotic ointment (not double)
  • Assorted sizes of Band-Aids
  • 4 × 4 sterile gauze pads (5-6)
  • paper tape (many people are allergic to other tapes)
  • tweezers & a needle (for splinters)
  • alcohol wipes (for insect bites)
  • Technu Skin Cleanser (This product is unsurpassed for preventing the rash due to exposure to poison oak & ivy-as well as for clearing it up if you already have the rash)
  • Solarcaine-Great for the sunburn pain. I also used it for shingles pain when I had an outbreak a day’s hike into the woods, it worked great.
  • Tylenol, Aspirin & Ibuprofen
  • Burn cream
  • Matches
  • Bath Tissue (Public restrooms often run out)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Hand sanitizing gel
  • Earth Pad - Use under the sleeping bag, and prevent rock gouges and the cold ground from seeping through to you.
  • Ground cloth- Always use under the tent to protect it from damage.
  • Flashlight - For those late night trips to the bathroom.
  • Appropriate clothing - Check the weather forecast ahead of time. Nights can be cool in the spring, especially at higher elevations, carry a coat and rain gear.
  • Tent - Inspect your tent before the trip. If you haven’t done so recently, it may be a good idea to seal the seams with seam sealer. Let it air, storage can make for a smelly tent. Carry a tarp in the event the tent leaks during a surprise spring shower.
  • Firearm - If the location you are camping allows firearms carry your concealed weapon for protection against both four legged and two legged varmints. GrabAGun offers the largest supply online of pistols for sale.
  • Wasp/Hornet Spray-Gets rid of more than just bugs. If you camp in a park where guns aren’t allowed, bug spray to an assailant’s eyes will blind them and give you the time you need to escape.

GrabAGun is your premier online provider of pistols for sale, hunting and camping supplies and equipment and much more. We hope these spring camping tips are of assistance to you and that you enjoy your trip.

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UTS-15 Shotguns For Sale

shotguns for sale

UTS-15 Shotgun | Shotguns for Sale

A shotgun is part of many persons equipment for home-defense and like any firearm for home defense there are characteristics that must be taken into consideration. In the case of modern shotguns for sale one of the problems is the reduced ammunition capacity.

Ted Hatfield, a former staff editor for the American Rifleman, has developed a solution. The UTS-15 is a tactical styled pump-action bullpup with dual tubular magazines and a capacity of 15 shells. Its unique appearance, claims for reliability and the extra-capacity are making it a popular firearm among shotguns for sale.

The dual tubular magazines can be used together, or separately. You set how the ammo will fire, feeding from both tubes automatically alternating between both tubes, or setting the gun to feed from one tube only. This system enables you to have one type of shot in one tube, and a different kind in the other, allowing you to choose the appropriate ammunition for the current application. Selecting the magazine of your choice is accomplished by moving a lever on the top of the gun.

The short overall length of the UTS-15 provides the maneuverability need for close quarters handling. The pistol grip allows firing to be accomplished with one hand, leaving the other free for other activity such as opening a door. The shotgun weighs 6 pounds, 13 ounces and is 28.3 inches in length. It is chambered for 12 gauge 3-inch shotshells, meaning it can use 2 ½ inch and 2 ¾ inch shotshells as well.

The barrel is smooth bore and threaded for chokes with a Beretta thread that screw in. It features a flush-fit cylinder bore choke from the factory. It features an optional cylinder-bore, ported tactical breeching choke. The user has the option of installing any choke including full and rifled choke.

The gun is not designed to be a point weapon like other shotguns having a straight comb that is in-line with the top rail, nor is it designed to be shot like a conventional shotgun. Rather, it is designed to be used with sights or optics on the top rail. An optional adjustable rear and front sight is offered. The front sight is adjustable for elevation while the rear sight is adjustable for windage. The rail and offset are similar to an AR-15 and the literature on it claims any optics or sights designed for an AR-15 should work with the UTS-15 shotgun. With the barrel located below the magazine tubes, reviewers report low impact at close range and recommend learning the offsets for each range you anticipate shooting.

Other optional features offered with this unique shotgun for sale include an integral light and laser system with the laser being nonadjustable and mounted below the barrel. The buttpad is designed to accommodate future options for a pull longer than the current 12 inches.

The cheekpiece is hinged for easy access to clear a jam or provide service. The user operates the gun by sliding the fore-end grip under the barrel. Vented covers indicate how many shells remain in each magazine tube.

GrabAGun is your online source for shotguns for sale, including the UTS-15. As one of the nation’s largest suppliers of guns for sale we offer the GrabAGun discount for our entire gun sales. We provide one of the largest selections of shotguns for sale, as well as the AR-15 for sale, the AK-47 for sale as well an extensive offering of pistols and rifles for sale.

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Derringer Pistols For Sale

derringer pistols for sale

Derringer Pistols for Sale | Pistols for Sale

Henry Deringer was the son of a German gunsmith, and after an apprenticeship in his father’s shop he established his own firearms manufacturing facility in Philadelphia in 1806. He manufactured flintlock pistols, muskets and later, percussion rifles for the U. S. Army. In 1825 Deringer began the production of percussion dueling pistols. By 1840 he was manufacturing a smaller dueling pistol and by the 1850s the short barreled, single-action percussion pocket pistol which rapidly gained popularity among pistols for sale.

The Deringer’s popularity peaked during the mid-1850s and became a favorite of civilians as a concealed handgun for personal defense. It single shot limitation led to the carrying of two pistols, which were sold in pairs for $22 to $25.

Interestingly, the Deringer lacked a standardized caliber and came with its own bullet mold specific to the caliber of the pair of pistols which varied from .33 to .51 inches.

The diminutive Deringer went down into infamy as the gun that killed President Abraham Lincoln, who was shot in the back of the head at point blank range by actor John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865, Lincoln died the following morning. Forensic evaluation of the pistol in 1997 revealed a characteristic unique to the Booth Deringer, unlike the majority of Deringer pocket pistols, the Booth pistol bore rifling with a left twist.

With Henry Deringer’s death in 1868, competitors began applying the breechloading system to their own versions of concealable pistols for sale, and called them derringers to avoid trademark infringements. From then on, guns made by Henry Deringer were the Deringer, while any small short barreled and non-automatic concealable firearm was called a derringer.

The end of the Civil War saw the decline in the percussion Deringer’s popularity. The new .41 Short rimfire cartridge was introduced in 1863 resulting in the availability of more modern pistols for sale using the more convenient rimfire cartridges.

It seems ironic that the President during the time of the American Civil War who was both one of the most hated as well as loved of presidents would be brought to his death with such a tiny pistol and change forever the course of history for the south, if not the nation. Today the infamous tiny pistol is on display in the Ford Theater Museum.

Today’s derringer is an exceedingly popular among pistols for sale used as a concealed carry pistol. The typical modern derringer or pocket pistol is significantly improved over Henry Deringer’s little gun providing greater quality, increased round capacity and improved safety features and performance.

GrabAGun is an online gun dealer offering an extensive selection of guns for sale from a very large selection of manufacturers and models. GrabAGun offers the largest selection of guns on the internet or in the shop, and our inventory isn’t limited to the more than 12,000 various models we routinely stock. If you seek a particular weapon or configuration that isn’t in our inventory give us a call, we will locate the firearm and provide the GrabAGun discount. That is a part of the GrabAGun advantage our customers’ receive.

Shop our site for rifles for sale, shotguns for sale, AR-15’s for sale and pistols for sale including a large selection of the diminutive derringer pistols for sale. Our selection of derringers includes derringers with interchangeable barrels for sale. Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

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Self Defense Pistols For Sale

pistols for sale self defense

Avoid Becoming a Victim | Pistols for Sale

The stories of victims is news every night, and yet far too many persons have an “it-won’t ever-happen-to-me” attitude. Despite knowing certain areas are riskier than others they enter there unarmed when they could so easily protect themselves with one of many pistols for sale.

The lessons on being safe can’t be said enough. The following tips are not new information, they are tips proven to help keep you safe. Print them and share them, but most of all practice them. Of these if you recall nothing else remember the 4 A’s of survival, and start looking for a concealed carry among pistols for sale.

Rule #1- Be AWARE

Awareness is the first A, be aware of everything and everyone around you. Keep your head up and your eyes scanning left, front, right as well as behind you. If someone seems suspicious, look them in the eye and hold it for a bit. Criminals look for weak, mild victims, so don’t look like a victim! Walk tall and confident with strong attitude, which is the 3rd A. Carrying a gun will make you more confident, choose a suitable pistol from the numerous choices of pistols for sale.

Rule #2-Request an Escort or Buddy Up

Don’t walk to your car or the store around the corner alone at night. Whatever your reason for being out, request an escort or ask a friend to accompany you. Don’t jog or walk late at night or early in the morning, get a buddy or run in the day.

Most crimes happen at night, but daylight is no guarantee of safety. The buddy system is a form of insurance that can be used at any time, as is a firearm. If you are thinking of purchasing a concealed carry pistol, consider your habits such as jogging, and how you will conceal it. This will influence the type and size you will need when you are ready to shop pistols for sale.

If you think someone is following you, cross the street or change directions. If they continue to follow you enter a store, restaurant or other place with people. When you enter request the police be called as you are being stalked. The stalker may have already claimed victims and a hot lead may help to capture the perpetrator of a previous crime.

Rule #3-Get an Alarm

A burglar alarm and a firearm is the best home defense you can have. Have security signs in the yard even if you don’t have a system. Install burglar deterring motion sensor lights. Put surveillance video cameras up at each door. You don’t have to buy $300 cameras. I put up 3 monitor/camera combos at $49 for each of the 3 systems. It ended my problems with would be burglars. Even flashing “fake” cameras are a deterrent. Add window stickers that warn of video surveillance. Homes with a defensive firearm and security system are the least robbed, choose a weapon from pistols for sale.

If your car has an alarm that activates with a key chain, carry it in your hand ready to alarm if you are assaulted. Don’t forget the most noticeable alarm of all-your voice. Scream, cry fire and be loud. Even if you have a gun out and on the assailant, be loud and threatening, chances are someone is going to call the police.

Rule #4-Learn Self Defense

You don’t have to pay monthly fees to learn martial arts. Sign up for free or low cost community classes in self-defense. Sign up for a firearms class and choose a concealed carry from pistols for sale.

Rule #5-Carry a Back-up Weapon

An assailant who grabs you from behind may prevent you from extracting a concealed pistol. Carry a knife or anything that will fit into a pocket that can be used for a weapon. Heavy flashlights are good weapons if walking outside at night. Of course you can also carry a smaller pistol in an alternate location like a pocket. Pocket pistols are a good back-up weapon and there are numerous choices among pistols for sale.

Rule #6-Don’t Advertise Valuables

Do not flash cash! Carry only what you need and don’t flash it around. Don’t walk around displaying expensive cell phones, I-pads or anything of a similar nature. If you are walking and texting you are breaking rule number 1 as well.

Rule #7-Park in Well Lighted Areas Close to the Door

Park in well-lit areas as close to the door of your destination as you can. Scan the areas around you and the path to the door before you leave your locked car. Have your keys ready before walking to your car. If it is night, request an escort. If you carry a concealed, be ready to use it, if you lack one consider purchasing a gun. There are numerous choices on the market among pistols for sale.

Always remember to check your back seat before entering your car, night or day. As you approach your car glance under it, as well as the cars next to it, someone may be waiting there for a victim. If you see someone crouched by a car, go to the nearest business or a group of shoppers, and call the police. Just because you escaped danger doesn’t mean someone else will.

Rule #8-Carry a Concealed Weapon

Being armed with a concealed weapon is no guarantee that you will escape becoming a victim. It does increase the odds in your favor however. Being armed is your best means of protection and is the single most important factor besides awareness that will keep you safe. Armed is the 2nd A. Practice on the range will increase accuracy, and accuracy is the 4th A. Being aware, armed with attitude, and accurate are the 4 A’s of survival in the urban jungle.

GrabAGun offers pistols for sale including a large number of concealed carry pistols, gun holsters and much more. Shop our site and give us a call if you need assistance.

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What to Do After Shooting in Self Defense

what to do after shooting in self defense

Guns for Sale

Use of Deadly Force in Texas

A report is available regarding “Stand Your Ground Laws” available as a free PDF from the website Currently the only reports available are for the states of Colorado, Florida and Texas.

Reading through it I realized it provided some great advice for Texas residents and in the following provide excerpts of that information. The information can be viewed in full at the above provided link. Great advice is offered by Free Gun Report. Print the tips and place them in a wallet and the event you find yourself in the situation of having had to use deadly force follow them! The following information is almost verbatim from the site regarding Texas law.

Tips to Follow If You Have Had to Use Deadly Force

  1. Ensure the threat has been controlled.
  2. Call 911.
    Excerpted from the site as follows:

    “If you use your gun, call 9-1-1 and get medical and police assistance. However, the only information that the 9-1-1 dispatcher needs to know from YOU is your name, the location of the emergency, what assistance is needed, and that you have been a victim of a crime. DO NOT DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE OPERATOR! All calls are recorded.”

  3. Return the firearm to safe keeping if possible.
  4. Do not disturb the scene.
  5. Call Your Lawyer!
  6. When police arrive, comply with all commands in a non-threatening manner, keeping your hands clearly visible. The police don’t know who the victim is or who the assailant is when they first arrive on the scene.
  7. Inform the police that you have been a victim of a crime. State to the police: “I wish to invoke my right to remain silent, and I want to consult my attorney before making any statements.”
  8. Make no statement to anyone; wait to talk to your attorney. Advice from Free Gun Report is as follows:“Law enforcement’s main job after a shooting is to investigate. Remember what you say to the police can and WILL be used against you. Note: the U. S. Supreme Court, in 2010, held that a police interrogation may go on indefinitely until you invoke your legal rights-so INVOKE YOUR RIGHTS!
  9. If asked to accompany law enforcement, comply, but make no statements.
  10. Do not make jokes or cute remarks and say nothing, even if you believe you have done nothing wrong.It is a common misconception that in the use of justified deadly force that §83.001 provides complete protection or “immunity” from the entire civil legal system. This statute has some serious legal limitations and does not protect you from being sued.

These statements are excerpts only from the website You are encouraged to visit the website to read the complete information. It explains when you can use force and when you cannot and much more. I recommend everyone read it in its entirety. The information is provided by U. S. Law Shield who provides insurance for members with coverage in the event you are required to use deadly force.

GrabAGun is your online source for great prices on guns for sale. We offer a large selection of rifles, shotguns for sale, pistols including concealed carry pistols, gun holsters, a large selection of the AK-47 for sale in various configurations as well as the AR-15 for sale and a large inventory of gun parts & accessories and much more for the hunter, plinker, law enforcement and security personnel as well as the gun enthusiast.

If you have questions or desire to order a gun not shown on our site give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

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Find the Perfect Pistol & Holster For Sale

pistols holsters for sale

Gun Holster | Pistols for Sale

An ill-fitting gun holster can be uncomfortable, as well as affect how you draw the firearm. A holster that pokes and jabs, slides around and collapses when you try to reinsert the pistol is a bad fit, and may impair your ability to draw the weapon. A gun and its holster are a duo, and having the correct holster for you and the gun are an important factor to consider when shopping for pistols for sale. A well-fitting holster will provide the following requirements:

Comfort-If a carry concealed holster isn’t as comfortable as possible it may end up sitting beside you as much as on you-or not used at all. A carry concealed pistol can do you no good at all sitting in the safe. You will know the weapon is on your person regardless of how comfortable a holster is, but you can avoid the holster that irritates skin and causes discomfort.

Concealment-A carry concealed holster should fit close to the body to conceal the weapon. The pancake design is engineered to do just that by spreading wide and flat. Only you can decide the best location or holster for draw and comfort. For some people it’s a pocket holster, a shoulder holster, or inside the waist band to name a few. The holster is only part of concealment; your clothing is the other half of the equation.

If the weapon of your choice is a pocket pistol for sale choose a holster that protects the trigger against accidental discharge and allows a smooth draw. Some pocket holster will attach to the pocket remain upright for improved access.

An unintentional flash can bring the police down on those who carry. It isn’t good enough in many states to try but fail to conceal a weapon. If you don’t intend to change your wardrobe consider choosing a pocket pistol and holster. A possible alternative to this is the waist-band holster, or a shoulder holster used with a loose shirt or a jacket long enough to cover it even when you bend over. An open jacket and bending over is one of the most frequent causes of a concealed weapon being spotted.

Consider your clothing when shopping for a pistol for sale. The size of the pistol you use will determine what type of clothing you will choose. Longer shirts and jackets, loose pants, vests or a jacket are some options. Typical casual vests are generally too short to conceal any weapon but those in a shoulder harness.

Concealment is why many people choose the smaller firearms or even a diminutive pocket pistol when shopping among pistols for sale. You may have a permit for a carry concealed, but it must be concealed, at all times, including when you bend over or sit down.

Access-The holster should provide safe access to the weapon as your life may depend upon it. A holster should secure the weapon without the risk of it falling out when you bend over, sit down and etc… A good holster both retains the weapon in place until you draw it, and provides a smooth, flawless draw without catching the trigger. A good holster will also protect the trigger from contact with keys, zipper pulls, drawstrings on jackets, lipstick or any object in a pocket or purse that could work its way to the trigger and cause the accidental discharge of the weapon. Other options are fanny packs and backpacks designed for carrying a concealed weapon.

Pay the extra money to select a good quality gun holster made specifically for your weapon when shopping for a pistol for sale. This generally provides a holster that will retain the weapon while providing good access. A good fit, retention, security from accidental discharge and comfort in a gun holster will assure you are able to easily access the weapon when you need to, and make you as comfortable as possible at all times.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of gun holsters. Shop our site for pistols for sale as well as holsters, and if you fail to find the pistols for sale you seek, or any other firearm, give us a call. Our offerings go beyond our online inventory, and we will be happy to order what you require and apply the GrabAGun discount pricing.

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Picking New Gun Parts & Accessories

gun parts and accessories

Selecting a Gun Laser | Gun Parts

My first gun laser was mounted on a 9 mm carbine. I received a lot of comments along the line of “if you can’t acquire a target you don’t need a gun.” One of these men lost every single calf born that year to coyote. One Saturday after a group of us had been coyote hunting, and seeing how many more I was able to kill with a laser, half of them were soon on the internet comparing lasers under gun parts and accessories.

When sighting with a scope to target one coyote the others are running at the sound of the first shot, leaving insufficient time to draw a bead on coyote running the 30 to 50 ft. to the woods (depending upon where they are). The laser does not require me to sight my target, I simply point the laser on the target, fire and have it on another before they can disappear into the woods.

A laser will increase your accuracy and target acquisition speed. Having a laser is no reason to stop practicing. Any equipment will eventually fail so keep plinking on the range, with and without the laser.

That said, with the large number of options available today under the gun parts and accessories categories, you will need to do some homework when making a choice. First, you will need to answer some questions before you begin your search:

  • What firearm are you mounting the laser on? The manufacturer, model, caliber and length of the barrel will matter. How the laser sight will be mounted is all important.
  • Whether you will be shooting in the day or night will affect your laser choice and color.
  • Whether you will or will not be mounting a light or night vision will be a consideration.
  • If the weapon will be used in a holster will be a factor.

Knowing these answers before you buy will avoid the mistake of a laser that’s insufficient, that you can’t mount on your gun, or fit into your holster.
If I had large fields around my home I’d have time to shoot more. I don’t, the woods are so close that a falling tree would indeed cover my house up. The 1,500 acres adjoining mine belongs to someone else.

Some pistols will accommodate red or green lasers, while others are too small for anything but red. Holster fit may be another consideration. You can probably use the same holster with a grip or slide mount laser, but are almost certain to need another holster with a rail mount.

I would recommend a laser to anyone considering one. If you are planning to customize a weapon with new gun parts and accessories I would definitely recommend a laser.

I suggest you have some hands on experience before choosing red or green in various lighting conditions.

Finally, you may be asking if you can install a laser yourself. That depends upon the weapon and laser, as well as your skills in installing gun parts and accessories. The best advice is to ensure a purchase of a laser made for your weapon, model, barrel length and caliber specifically.

Some lasers come with great instructions (and sometimes the tools) for mounting and adjusting. Other laser manufacturers require that you ship your unloaded firearm to their factory for mounting. Your warranty may be voided unless shipped to the manufacturer for the mounting of any gun parts and accessories. The variables are going to depend upon the specifics of your weapon and your choice of laser.

If you are considering the purchase of a new pistol for sale, or a rifle for sale, you can order a model with a factory installed laser. Once a laser is tried, I have no doubts many more people will be impressed.

GrabAGun is an online gun dealer offering an extensive selection of guns for sale, and gun parts and accessories such as gun lasers. Give us a call if you need assistance, we will be happy to help you.

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Classic & Reproduction Pistols For Sale

Antique Reproduction Civil War Pistols For Sale

Guns of the Civil War | Pistols for Sale

The American Civil War took place during the years of 1861-1865. During the war, both sides used a variety of firearms. Let’s look at some of the better known handguns and rifles used by Union and Confederate soldiers.

As a result of the Civil War, firearms technology was advanced to include mass production, rifling of barrels, repeating arms and metal cartridges.
A Colt Dragoon was in an estate sale last year and sold for $1,500, and was reportedly in good condition. I knew the man who owned it and he was a very good gunsmith. The guns of the Civil War often appear in estate sales, it pays to know your guns well enough to spot reproductions and fakes if you plan to buy antique rifles and pistols for sale. I suspect this one was a reproduction due to the low price.


Colt Army Model 1860-This was the most widely used handgun during the war, by both Union and Confederates soldiers. The Colt Army was a .44 caliber muzzle-loaded cap and ball revolver. It was a single-action, six shot handgun. These pistols for sale used to show up in southern estate sales quite frequently but are far less common now.

Colt M1861 Navy-The Navy uses a similar size frame as the Army but in .36 caliber. It was a six shot revolver, single-action percussion weapon. These pistols for sale appear fairly often at estate sales.

Colt 1851 Navy Revolver-Highly favored by Confederates. Copies were manufactured widely in the south. I have seen two of these pistols for sale at estate sales.

Colt Dragoon Revolver-The Dragoon is a single-action, six-round cylinder, .44 caliber ball revolver invented during the Mexican War and was designed to kill the horse of charging enemy soldiers. It was issued to the US Cavalry, and was in service from 1848-1860. These can be worth a great deal of money.

Remington Model 1858-This revolver was a favorite of troops with its quick cylinder release catch that made reloading much faster.

Smith & Wesson Model 1-The very first gun produced by Smith & Wesson. These typically used brass rimfire .22 short black powder cartridges and were the first revolver to do so successfully. Produced 1857-1882. I have only seen one of these pistols for sale and it was in terrible condition.
Savage 1861 Navy-A double-action revolver featuring a second trigger located under the first. Used by the Army and a small number of Army regiments.

Lefaucheux M1858-A 12mm pinfire cartridge six-round cylinder revolver imported from France, used by Union and Confederate officers. In service 1858-1865.

Butterfield Revolver- It was a transitional revolver with tape primer, .42 caliber, single-action revolver. The US Army ordered 2,000 but canceled production in 1862. Only 640 were produced with last 50 being completely unmarked. My uncle found one of these pistols for sale years ago in a pawn shop.

Walsh Revolver- An extremely rare 12 shot .36 caliber revolver with a production of less than 200 from 1859-1862.
Volcanic Pistol-This lever action pistol was made in 1853 and chambered in .44 rimfire. Volcanic Repeating Arms was purchased by Smith & Wesson, and Winchester Repeating Arms Company.


Springfield Model 1861-The most widely used rifle of the Civil War. It was a favorite of troops for its accuracy, range and reliability. Produced 1861-1872 and used by both Union and Confederates.

Pattern 1853 Enfield-A rifled musket used by Union and Confederates and was the second most widely used rifle of the infantry. Produced 1853-1867.

M1841 Mississippi Rifle-A muzzle loading percussion rifle produced in .58 caliber. Confederate NCO’s were issued this 2-band rifled musket with a sword bayonet. Produced 1841-1861.

Fayetteville Rifle-A Confederate copy of the Springfield rifle. Produced 1862-1865.

Richmond Rifle- A rifled musket and Confederate copy of the Springfield Model 1861.
Whitworth Rifle-A single-shot muzzle loaded rifle, using a .45 caliber cartridge. It was used by Confederate sharpshooters, sometimes fitted with a brass scope. Used a The Whitworth was able to hit a target at 2,000 yards.

Sharps Rifle- The Sharps was a falling block rifle that was popular with the cavalry of both Union and Confederate soldiers. More carbines were issued than rifles as is common for mounted troops. It was in service 1850-1881.

Colt Revolving Rifle-This was an early repeating rifle. A small number were issued to Sharpshooters but due to their unreliability they were replaced with Sharps rifles.

Burnside Carbine-A breech-loader issued to the US cavalry. Produced 1858-1870.

Henry Rifle-A lever-action, breech-loading, 16-round tubular magazine rifle using .44 Henry rimfire cartridges. Highly prized and were privately purchased by those who could afford them.

Spencer Repeating Rifle-The Spencer was a manually operated lever-action repeating rifle fed by a tube magazine. Adopted by the Union army and used widely by the cavalry. A carbine model was also available. Produced 1860-1869. The cartridge was a .56-.56 Spencer rimfire.

If you are new to antique gun beware of fakes. Start with just a few guns, let your memory be the guide on how many and read everything you can about them. Go to museums and view them. Look at as many as you can until you have a picture of them in your mind. Then you can shop for the old rifles or pistols for sale. Be armed with knowledge and your wallet will thank you.

GrabAGun is the preferred online source for guns for sale. We offer new guns in the box in pistols for sale, rifles and shotguns as well as gun parts and accessories.

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